Friday, April 27, 2007

Challenge #1

Our houses are full of stuff.
Items that decorate and things that clutter.
Necessities of life and objects of desire.

And then there are the things that bring a smile to our face in the middle of a rainy day or just by walking by. The object that may just be mundane to any family member or visitor; but to you, it stirs up a memory that overwhelms you. It can be a well worn shirt, a bric-a-brac from a vacation long ago or even a new pair of shoes.

Something. Anything.

I want you to create a layout about this object. And journal what comes to mind.

"Just Wanted You To Know..."

Artist: Melissa Raphael
Blog: random pieces of me

Me? Melissa. I am happily married to Andy (almost 5 years) and mommy to Tanner (just turned 3!). I am a preschool teacher, but have a million other things that I would rather be doing. Like scrapbooking. And blowing bubbles with Tanner. And eating chips and salsa with a tall glass of Pepsi while watching Heroes.

I started scrapping just over 3 years ago, right after Tanner was born. I had heard about scrapbooking before Andy and before Tanner, but didn't think it was me at the time. I was single and unattached, what was I going to scrap? The dinner I had on a Thursday night or the magazines I read by the pool? To me, scrapbooking was about preserving memories. And, I thought those memories had to be of people, not objects. Of events, not the everyday routines.

Guess I was wrong.

After Tanner was born, I wanted a way to remember him as a baby. More than just his baby book (which is not even up to date). I got into scrapbooking. A quick trip to Michael's and I was ready to go. I remember my first page. It was of me, in labor, at the hospital.

And, it took all day to complete. But, it got me hooked.

If I had to classify my style, I would call it simple. I don't like a lot of stuff on my pages. I love to use little accents, such as brads and buttons. And, I am a hand-written journaling kind of gal.

I really love to buy scrapbooking supplies, and usually stock up on goodies from Making Memories or 7Gypsies. I also love to play with KI Memories, Scrapworks, and Scenic Route.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Coming Soon

Our first Design Team Challenge - Friday April 27th at 5am EST! This is THE place to BE!

Friday, April 20, 2007


Isn't that what we all want with our scrapbooking? Sure, it's nice that our family "oohs" and "ahhs" over our pages, but we want other people to notice. That is what this blog is about. Every other week, our design team{which is actually just a group of friends, but it makes us feel special to slap on a title}will pick a page that we really like. A page made by someone with a talent that has not yet been noticed.

We notice.

We will post the artists favorite page, along with our take on it. We'll call it a challenge, and we invite you to participate. Our first artist is to be revealed one week from today, April 27.

Scrap on!