Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Remember in the last post how we dared you to see if you could keep up with all the exciting happenings surrounding our UnPubbediversary? Well, our first big announcement is that we have invited TWO new members into the family!! Welcome, Beth and Nicole in all of your unpublished glory!!

Now, why this matters to you, the eager UnPubbed participant, awaiting your chance at 15 minutes of scrapbook fame...

#1: you get to see their awesome work, duh!
#2: you get a chance to LIFT that awesome work for a chance at a super-cool, hand gathered kit by the aforementioned artiste.

The winner will receive this kit:
We decided to join in on the fun, too, though we obviously can't win the kit, it's for you guys...the eager participants.






Now, since we wanted to surround our new family members with a whole buncha hoopla, but didn't want to take the focus off of the Famers who are engaging in their 15 mintues, we decided that this contest will not take the place of any scheduled posts such as Open Calls or Famer reveals. Instead, we will be running this contest throughout May. Post a link to your layout by May 21st. The winner will be announced on May 28th.

Link your lifts to Beth's LO to THIS post. Don't worry, we'll remind you as the month progresses and this post is buried under a multitude of others.

Don't forget that the current Open Call is running until May 3. Get those LO's linked to the post BELOW!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy UnPubbediversary!

We are sprucing things up around here and have many surprises in store for our one year celebration. Stay tuned and just see if you can keep up with all the fabulousness!

And don't forget to link your Open Call layouts to the post BELOW

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Open Call with Stacy Stone

her favorite unpublished LO:


my name is stacy i am a sort of stay at home to 3 beautiful children i work only when hubby is home or i work alot of nights and i tend to be sleep deprived. i began scrapbooking because of my MIL about 9 years ago she is very much a sticker and journal person with no fancy paper or any other creativity. my friend tannis really got me hooked about 7 years ago into taking more chances and adding more creativity to my pages. in the last 2 years though i have been to scrapfest twice taking classes from such people as jenn starr, caroline from maya road and kei mae smith from fontworks. they really put me at a whole new level of thinking. i also found alot of inspiration from online message boards and challenge blogs because really in red deer there is not alot of scrap book classes that appeal to me i really enjoy learning new things. i love to spend an afternoon with my scrapbook buddies hanging out and scrapping away . my hubs and i recently purchased a bigger house so now i get my own scraproom which i am excited about we move this week. come check out the new scraproom, pics of my beautiful kids or just my day anytime i have been purging so i may have a RAK in there too thanks for the honor ladies and i can't wait to see what you guys come up with :)

Chrissy :


Kim (inspired by LifeLovePaper's Welcoming CW layout on SIS):

Link us to one of your favorite unpublished layouts by Saturday, May 3 for your chance at a Scrapper Bouquet prize!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Stacy Stone!

You're our winner this week with this lift of Sasha's LO! We also really like: Sara's and Charlotte's LO's!
A big thanks to everyone who participated:

Check back in on Thursday, April 24 for our next Open Call and share in Stacy's 15 minutes of Fame. We also have some exciting changes coming soon with the arrival of our one year UnPubbediversary. Stay tuned!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Who is deserving their 15 minutes of scrapbook fame this week??

It's Sasha!

Just a sassy lil mama that loves to have a good time relax, write, scrapbook and weave baskets. I am a Virgo and a mother of two beautiful boys and a wife to a third. My love for scrapbooking grew two years ago when asked to help with a babyshower. I have not looked back since, I think my style is more of a freeballer, I dont really care I just do what looks good to me, and feels right. I am currently stationed in NM, just recently left a tour in Japan, that was 4 long GREAT years in Asia, I love to travel. This combat boot wearing girl holds no punches and gives plenty hugs..I am who I am nothing more..wanna check me out from time to time visit my blog I dont really talk about to much, but here you will see more of my SASSY side. Alright everyone let's continue to enjoy this ride that a hole punch, paper and our imaginations are taking us on.

her Layout:

Our lifts of her LO:





Show us your version of Sasha's layout by Saturday, April 19, for your chance at a prize from Scrap Addict!