Thursday, June 28, 2007

Corey's Challenge

Hey everybody! So it's my turn to give you guys a little something to keep your creative juices flowing. To tell you the truth, my creative mo-jo (or JO as I like to call it) as been a little non-existent lately. I just haven't been feeling it. I think we're all like that sometimes, aren't we? So, what was I to do? Well I decided to set out on a little experiment:
We all go somewhere every day, don't' we? Maybe you go to the grocery store, or your kids school or maybe it's just the mailbox...but we all have routines and we all go somewhere and do something the same just about every day. Me? I go to work every day. Well Monday through Friday anyways. I commute over 40 miles one way and it takes me just about an hour each way. As I'm driving along one day I kept trying to think of someway I could use that time to do something creative. So yesterday I decided to bring my camera along. I took pictures all along my entire commute. From my street all the way to work. I thought it would be interesting to see the transformation from rural farm land, to windy roads, to city life. Here's the results of my expedition:Some of the pictures I actually stopped and got out of the car, but most of them I was just whizzing by and stuck my camera out the window or just shot it right through my windshield! *caution, taking pictures while driving is at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for influenceing you!'re supposed to have both hands on the wheel at all times. 10 and 2.* This was a real learning experience for me. What I had in mind, didn't really turn out like I thought it would. And I learned that there really is beauty in every the everyday.
The rural pics were real easy to take. There was so much pretty stuff and I felt like I had more time for an opportunity. Those are real California Happy Cows right there, practically in my back yard. And, did you see that old fire engine? It sits in the middle of a field and I pass it by every day. Some of the pics are blurry, and I totally dig that. It shows motion and movement. It shows reality. When I got to the city, I expected to be able to take pictures of the traffic, road signs, tall buildings, know city things. Well when I finally got there I felt myself overwhelmed #1 with no time to take the pic, #2 too much to look at. I'm indecisive by nature, and it really showed! And then the traffic...There was none yesterday! I'm serious. I was totally shocked!

So....What's my challenge to you? Think about the one thing you do every day. The one place you go, the same route you take. Bring your camera along. I challenge you to take at least 10 pictures of your route. Even if it's just 15 feet from your front door to your mailbox. See what you can see and document it. Make a photo collage in Photoshop like I did, or make a layout. Or better yet, make a whole miniBOOK! Link us to your project in the comments to this post. I'd love to see what you come up with. I'd love to see your commute!

*Don't forget*, you still have time to submit your layout for Beth's 15 Minutes and a chance to win the prize from Story of my Life ! We are loving all the submissions so far!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Beth's 15 Minutes

This week's famer: Beth Johnson

Blog: Play and Create

For the last eleven years I've been creating scrapbooks. I am a rare scrapper because I scrap chronologically and am caught up. Yes, I have all 29 years of my life in albums. One of the best parts of having all of the albums, is seeing how my style has changed over the years. A layout I thought was great five years ago, isn't quite the same now.

Besides creating layouts, I really enjoy creating miniBOOKS. My collection is growing. Outside of the scrapping world, I like to sew which is a new adventure for me. I am ready to tackle a new project out of the bag or quilt realm. My goal by the end of the summer is to learn how to make some piece of clothing, preferably a skirt. Other than scrapbooking or sewing, I can be found cooking, riding my bike (when the weather isn't too hot and humid here in Minnesota), or hanging out with my friends. I am a very lucky girl to have such great friends.

Lastly, my motto is play and create. This isn't just for scrapbooking, but for life in general. Play and make memories while creating a life you love. That's my goal everyday.

Beth's favorite layout:

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Post a link to your take of Beth's favorite layout here by July 2 for your shot as a future Famer and an awesome kit from Story of my Life!

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Our favorite this week (and the recepient of the kit from Scrapbook Lover's Dream) is Dana!!

Here is her Layout...

These layouts also caught our eye


Thanks to everyone for participating this week:

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Carla's Challenge

The DT girls at UnPubbed decided that it would be fun to present a juicy creative challenge on the weeks that we aren't introducing a new Famer. I get to go first! So I started thinking about when my love of scrapbooking began. Do you remember those really old layouts you have in your first scrapbook? I'm talking about the layouts that you did when you didn't even know what a "LO" was. I 'm talking about way back when you had no clue Ali Edwards existed!

My challenge to you is to find one of your "old school" layouts and revamp it with your new modern style. You can either use the original pictures or just use the old page as inspiration for a whole new layout.

I decided to go back to the year it all started...2003! The first album I ever worked on was for my wedding and looking through it was pretty funny. I decided on one of my favorite photos that includes my whole family at the wedding. Here is the original layout that I created using some paper from a cheesy wedding scrap kit and I don't even remember what you call the paper I used for the background sqares.

Here is my new version of it:

I hope you enjoy this challenge and it would mean the WORLD to me if you actually participate!

Don't forget about our current Famer challenge, and your chance to win a kit from Scrapbook Lover's Dream. You have until June 18th to get your layouts linked to us via Colleen's post!

Friday, June 8, 2007


We messed up! We've had some technical difficulties here at Unpubbed today. If you tried to sign up for our newsletter Yahoo group, you were directed to the wrong group! We have fixed the problem, and we would LOVE for you to join the group! So please see the button to the right and feel free to sign up. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.
Thanks so much everybody! We LOVE all the response we have been getting! Can't wait to see all your creations for Colleen's favorite!
P.S. Beth J. you were directed to the correct group, so no need for you to rejoin :D Go figure, huh?!

Colleen's 15 Minutes

This week's famer: Colleen Vasconcellos

Blog: A Brasilian in Atlanta


Let's Well, I'm 33, married to the best husband in the world (who is very supportive of my scrap habit), and I have one child...I mean, dog named Maggie. I'm originally from Miami, but I live in Atlanta now and I teach Latin American and Caribbean history at a local University. I love to travel, and I have to walk on a sandy beach and smell the salt air at least once a year. I have a strange addiction to cupcakes and Ritter bars, and I'm slowly starting to feel that way about Twizzlers (yeah, I've got a bit of a sweet tooth). I love to read, my iPod goes with me everywhere I go, and I vow to own everything 7 Gypsies makes someday.

I've been a scrapbooker for about 3 years now, and I love it more and more everyday. I've always documented my life in diaries and photographs, with souveniers from here and there, and now with my blog. I think that is the historian in me. I first started scrapbooking to preserve memories from my travels and life, but somehow it became something bigger than that. It's really become a creative outlet, and even a therapeutic one at times. You guys know how it are stressed out, worried about this or that. Then you sit at the table and start putting a page together or start working on a mini-book or CJ, and next thing you know...the stress is gone and you are in your own little world. I've met so many great people and learned so much from them, that it really has become something more than just a hobby. It really has taken on a life of its own.

And now that I'm not teaching this summer, I really have time to play (that is if I can stop spending so much time over at SIStv and on everyone's blogs...geez, talk about time suckage!) Aside from making layouts, I love making mini-books and I'm trying to branch out into more cards and altered things. Art journals are really a lot of fun too, and I've always got one in progress. I'm also doing a couple CJs right now, and those are always fun! My goal this summer is to get through all of my backlogged photos. I have no idea if I can actually do this, but I'm going to give it the old college try. My goal is to make something everyday, and just see how the summer goes. So far, so good!

Colleen's favorite layout:

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We just want to give a big thank you to Ronda for all her hard work and creativity with Unpubbed! We wish her well in her endeavours. Thanks Ronda! We love you here at Unpubbed!

Stay tuned for something special on Friday 15! You are going to love it!

Post a link to your take of Colleen's favorite layout here by June 18 for your shot as a future Famer and an awesome kit from Scrapbook Lover's Dream!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Our favorite this week is Beth J!

Happay and Leah's layouts also caught our eye!

Thank you to everyone who participated:

  1. Happay

  2. Debbie C

  3. Boriquaz

  4. Tenny

  5. Jazsutra

  6. Dana

  7. Leah

  8. Colleen

  9. Cheryl

  10. Telah

  11. Edleen

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