Thursday, December 4, 2008

all good things

must come to an end.

UnPubbed started almost 2 years ago as an idea amongst friends. A way to give a shout out of validation to those who'd never been given the "Published" title. A way to let our participants know that we noticed their talent and thought they deserved 15 minutes of fame in a small portion of the scrapbooking world.

As life would have it, new jobs come along and babies are born and sometimes life just gets nuts for a whole group of people all at the same time. We have decided that it's time to bring UnPubbed to an end. We've sincerely enjoyed getting to know all of our Famers and participants and many friendships have been formed through this little challenge blog.

UnPubbed has served it's purpose for now and we hope you all enjoyed your 15 minutes of scrapbook fame.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


We love Stephanie's Christmas banner!! Contact us at so we can get your info forwarded on to our sponsor! Thanks for inspiring us with your Christmas Creations everybody!