Thursday, January 17, 2008

Christina's 15 Minutes

This week's Famer:Christina Clouse

Blog: Coffee Girl


Hi there! My name is Christina. I’m 26 and live in Seattle with my boyfriend of 8 ½ years Greg. I love playing with art supplies, wearing pretty shoes and watching CSI. (Not all at the same time--but I should probably try sounds like a lot of fun!)
I’ve been scrapbooking seriously for about a year and a half and totally love it! I’ve recently discovered how much fun paint can be on layouts and am still trying to figure out my own personal style. I love trying new techniques. For example, I just learned how to emboss and I have also recently gotten into soldering. I also have a serous addiction to stamps, Hambly and AC Thickers. While I have never been published, you can also find my designs on my blog as well as on the Sweet Spuds Kit Club website and the challenge site ScrapMojo.

Christina's awesome layout:

Our takes:

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**Also, we have a new family member here at UnPubbed. Kim's new little bundle of boy decided to surprise the world a few weeks early! Welcome, little one and Congratulations to Kim and her family. We love you!!

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caro said...

Hey Christina, this IS your week!

Love this LO becos';;;
it's a multi photo
it's organic
it's cheeky

Because - i just do.
Will give this challenge some thinking juice and hope for a grand "lift". TFS everyone.


Abigail said...

Love this challenge! I'm a big fan of Christina's work. :)

Here is my layout. ^_^

Dawn Bibbs said...

What a great LO, Christina. I haven't posted a LO here in quite some time. And your LO inspired me to give it another try.

I hope this link works, as I usually have problems linking. Wish me luck :-). Also, my normal practice is to do 2 page LO's. So hopefully, this is ok.

This is a LO I did of my oldest daughter. Hope you like it.

Dawn Bibbs said...

Sorry, it's me again. I'm not very confident that my last link worked. So let's see if this one will. Thanks for your patience with me.

Dettao said...

What a beautiful picture of you, Christina! Love your layout. Congrats on being the famer. I like your blog, too.

Jessica said...

congrats christina!! :)

caro said...

Congrats Kim! wonderful to have a little one to smell, hear & cuddle.
Well done Christina - your LO deserved all the accolades you received! TFS

Michelle B said...

i haven't played for awhile...this was fun :)

Michelle B said...

Wait I am going to post mine again - because i don't think the link SIStv image was clear. Here is a link to my blog

Edleen said...

Congrats Christina!
awesome layout!

love all the LOs from the UnPubbed Girls too :)

Sabrina said...

This was so beautiful, I really didn't do it justice. I didn't have photos that I could crop square, and it just doesn't look the same with rectangles. Thanks for sharing the beautiful page, it was very inspiring.

Sunnymommie said...

WOW! christina is rock!!!

here is mine

Lisa's Blessed A Latte said...

Very Sweet blog...I will be back!!!

Stacy said...

whewwww made it!!! lol i just loved my kids school pics this so i had to show them off!!

Leah said...

Here's my take:


Thanks girls!