Friday, May 25, 2007

Karen's 15 Minutes

Meet this week's famer: Karen Mataraza

view from home

I’m just over 30 and I dislike it more with each hair that falls out of my head (good thing I have thick hair to start). What’s that all about? Is it because of my 5 year old or my 3 month old? Two boys—who’da thunk it? Me? That’s so not me. Maybe it’s our Korean dog who whines all day long to go outside to sniff the air? Maybe it’s the hubby, Mike, who still, after seven years, does not understand what a laundry basket does. Maybe it’s the little bit of what’s left of my New York accent that throws him off. He is, after all a native Texan.

But Mike’s accent didn’t show through when I first met him back in 2000. He had just returned to Ft. Campbell after duty in Egypt and our mutual friends didn’t even introduce us. And he didn’t say hello and would not even take his nose out of that menu! I mean, how many things can you order at Outback? I figured he was just another jerk, one of the 80 gazillion I met during my seven years in the Army as a Korean Linguist.

I guess his charm or his like-minded politics worked, because here I am in Texas, where his accent is back and I find myself looking for a safety or straight pin every time he asks for a PEN. I’m 20 hours from a B.S. in Biology and out of dough for school but it’s OK here. Mike has a good job and life is good. But I miss snow, the fall colors, miss my family. Mike’s family is so not the picture-taking/scrapbooking kind.

Yes, I have friends from the scrapbook store where I work two days a week, but no one (my age) to hang out with, go shopping, etc. I need my Mom and my sisters—and my brother (but he’s a boy!) I always had everyone around growing up, now there’s no one; nobody's ear for me to talk off. (And they don’t have a real deli or real hard rolls down here either—don’t even get me started on the Italian food.)

Maybe that’s why I scrapbook? So that Michael and Owen will both know how important they are to me, I spend my whole day taking pictures of us and the silly things we do. Wherever life takes them, they’ll have a part of me and will always know who I am. I have much to tell, or so I think, and they don't know any of it because they don't even know my family.

While I’m the farthest thing from a photographer, I take my ‘best shot’ with a layout in mind. Sometimes I think I spend more time photographing and scrapbooking the memory than enjoying the event itself! Or maybe I just like paper and collecting things? I mean, I was the youngest sister who would steal my eldest sister’s school notebooks just to have the clean, white paper to run my hands over.

Or maybe I just want my kids to know that, at one time, I had a full head of hair!

Karen's Favorite Layout:

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Yellow Fence said...

I didn't do the challenge, but I just found your site and I love it. I may have to come back and play!!!


Happay said...

Congrats Karen! Here's my take on your favorite LO

My first time playing along and it was fun!

debbiec said...

Go Karen! Inspired by your favorite layout...

beth j said...

congrats karen! enjoy your time being the new "famer."
here is my take on karen's layout.
thanks for looking.

Edleen said...

Congrats Karen!!! :)

salla, the stamping pad said...

just found this site thru chrissy? i believe? original anad wonderful! love the concept will pass along the word!

Boriquaz said...

This site is fabulous, here is my first attempt at one of the challenges, there should be more sites like this btw.

--- Cathy

Jude said...

Yeah for Karen... I can't wait to start looking at your pages everyone!! :)

-karen (akaliz) said...

thanks so much for giving me this opportunity, unpubbed. it's so much fun! all the pages so far are awesome...can't wait to see more!

maria said...

I just found your site [through Ronda] I think this is wonderful! Refreshing....
Beautiful LO!


Kristin Fogle said...

I would live 15 minutes! I made a "proposal album" for my little brother to propose to his girlfriend. I have been trying to find someone to show it too for exposure. Could this be my chance? see the slide show

Marjolein said...

Oh wow, this is such a cool blog!! I'll keep this in mind, love to do challenges.. hope I can keep up with all that's going on at the www!

Tenny said...

well, here's mine.

karen, thanks for the inspiration!!!

jazsutra said...

hey there karen,congrats...

here's my take for this challenge.TFL!.my blog..

JenniferPriest said...

Love the concept of your blog! How fun! And the pages are great inspiration too!

dana said...

This was fun. Here's mine this time--streamlined version, yet the elements are there.TFL
Dana :)

dana said...

Oops! You can find it on my blog under "Challenges." It's called "Time." In case the link doesn't work. :)

Leah said...

WooHoo for Unpubbed! Got mine done, it's up on my blog.

Thanks girls!!

Colleen said...

i finally did this one! here's my take on karen's LO

Cheryl Wray said...

Well, I waited until the VERY last minute but I got my page done. Yay!!!
You can see it at my blog.

Thanks for the inspiration!!

~Telah said...

Here's my take on Karen's layout.

Edleen said...

i just did mine :)
hope it passes :D