Thursday, October 4, 2007


Our favorite this week (and the recepient of the prize from the Scrapbook Site) is: Heather

Here is her layout:
These layouts also caught our eye:

      Thanks to everyone for participating!
      Come back Friday (October 12) for the next Famer reveal!

      PS. Heather could you please email us at, thanks!


      Cheryl Wray said...

      Yay to Heather!!!! I LOVED your layout!! And thanks to all of you for lifting my layout. That was TOO fun!!! Now I can't wait for the next famer, because I can guess who she is and I love her stuff!!! :-)

      Heather said...

      Thanks so much guys, that is so fab!! You really made my day!!

      Edleen said...

      Congrats Heather!!! your layout is fabulous :)

      and Thanks to UnPunned Team for the special mention of my layout too :D

      can't wait to lift the next Famer :)

      Leah said...

      Woo Hoo Heather! Way to Go!

      Dettao said...

      Hurray for my friend, Heather! that is a fabulous layout and I can't wait to see what your featured page is going to be.

      charlotte said...

      Oh wow! Fabulous layout!
      Congratulations Heather! :-)

      joscelyne cutchens said...

      YAY Heather! I can't wait to see the next one so I can play!