Thursday, June 28, 2007

Corey's Challenge

Hey everybody! So it's my turn to give you guys a little something to keep your creative juices flowing. To tell you the truth, my creative mo-jo (or JO as I like to call it) as been a little non-existent lately. I just haven't been feeling it. I think we're all like that sometimes, aren't we? So, what was I to do? Well I decided to set out on a little experiment:
We all go somewhere every day, don't' we? Maybe you go to the grocery store, or your kids school or maybe it's just the mailbox...but we all have routines and we all go somewhere and do something the same just about every day. Me? I go to work every day. Well Monday through Friday anyways. I commute over 40 miles one way and it takes me just about an hour each way. As I'm driving along one day I kept trying to think of someway I could use that time to do something creative. So yesterday I decided to bring my camera along. I took pictures all along my entire commute. From my street all the way to work. I thought it would be interesting to see the transformation from rural farm land, to windy roads, to city life. Here's the results of my expedition:Some of the pictures I actually stopped and got out of the car, but most of them I was just whizzing by and stuck my camera out the window or just shot it right through my windshield! *caution, taking pictures while driving is at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for influenceing you!'re supposed to have both hands on the wheel at all times. 10 and 2.* This was a real learning experience for me. What I had in mind, didn't really turn out like I thought it would. And I learned that there really is beauty in every the everyday.
The rural pics were real easy to take. There was so much pretty stuff and I felt like I had more time for an opportunity. Those are real California Happy Cows right there, practically in my back yard. And, did you see that old fire engine? It sits in the middle of a field and I pass it by every day. Some of the pics are blurry, and I totally dig that. It shows motion and movement. It shows reality. When I got to the city, I expected to be able to take pictures of the traffic, road signs, tall buildings, know city things. Well when I finally got there I felt myself overwhelmed #1 with no time to take the pic, #2 too much to look at. I'm indecisive by nature, and it really showed! And then the traffic...There was none yesterday! I'm serious. I was totally shocked!

So....What's my challenge to you? Think about the one thing you do every day. The one place you go, the same route you take. Bring your camera along. I challenge you to take at least 10 pictures of your route. Even if it's just 15 feet from your front door to your mailbox. See what you can see and document it. Make a photo collage in Photoshop like I did, or make a layout. Or better yet, make a whole miniBOOK! Link us to your project in the comments to this post. I'd love to see what you come up with. I'd love to see your commute!

*Don't forget*, you still have time to submit your layout for Beth's 15 Minutes and a chance to win the prize from Story of my Life ! We are loving all the submissions so far!


-karen (akaliz) said...

when is the deadline for this challenge? very cool idea, btw!

Kimberly White said...

Love this challenge Corey! An idea is swirling around in my head already! Yippee! Kim

Carla said...

great challenge andi can do it on the road on my way to Houston tomorrow!!

-karen (akaliz) said...

carla is going to houston? is she going to stop by here:

Kimberly White said...

Here's my take! What a fun challenge Corey! I loved it! Matt thought I was weird for taking pics about every 5 minutes on the trip but it was fun and I caught some good ones. The hard part was paring it down to 18 photos for my mini!
Check it out here: The Route
Thanks for looking! Kim

Vee said...

love this challenge!!
so on it,will have to take my camera with me on Thursday! :)
thanks for the inspiration

Kell said...

I just found these challenges. And I really like this one. By the way, your pictures look like where I live. haha or around the area anyhow

Heather said...

This was fun! here's mine:

-karen (akaliz) said...

finally! i did it! here's my take:

On the Way to Work


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...
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