Friday, June 15, 2007

Carla's Challenge

The DT girls at UnPubbed decided that it would be fun to present a juicy creative challenge on the weeks that we aren't introducing a new Famer. I get to go first! So I started thinking about when my love of scrapbooking began. Do you remember those really old layouts you have in your first scrapbook? I'm talking about the layouts that you did when you didn't even know what a "LO" was. I 'm talking about way back when you had no clue Ali Edwards existed!

My challenge to you is to find one of your "old school" layouts and revamp it with your new modern style. You can either use the original pictures or just use the old page as inspiration for a whole new layout.

I decided to go back to the year it all started...2003! The first album I ever worked on was for my wedding and looking through it was pretty funny. I decided on one of my favorite photos that includes my whole family at the wedding. Here is the original layout that I created using some paper from a cheesy wedding scrap kit and I don't even remember what you call the paper I used for the background sqares.

Here is my new version of it:

I hope you enjoy this challenge and it would mean the WORLD to me if you actually participate!

Don't forget about our current Famer challenge, and your chance to win a kit from Scrapbook Lover's Dream. You have until June 18th to get your layouts linked to us via Colleen's post!


-karen (akaliz) said...

i so cannot play this one! i'm at my mom's and my first ever layout from 1998 is at home! bummer!

Linda said...

you are all just too fun. I love this new fun... I just love how you all are always getting us to do new things. Very fun idea. Thanks for all the inspo.

Melissa said...

I'm playing :)
Check out my blog:

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

I love your idea for your blog! Kind of like mine....featuring a different artist each time. Great!

Thanks for visiting my Creative Blogs.

Sara said...

Yikes! If I get started re-vamping an old LO...I just might have to do them all! :)

Kimberly White said...

Here's my take on the challenge!
Thanks for looking!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Oh my, I'd be scared to death to join THIS challenge. I cringe everytime I look through my 1st albums. I'll have to really think about this one.

By the way, I think the "trendy" paper you used in your first LO was called Mullberry paper. Oh, how I loved that stuff :-). And for the record, your re-do of your wedding page is great. Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

I think it's called "mulberry paper" and guess what I just used some on a LO. I've decided I'm bringing it back. :-)

[Oops just read the comments all the way down and realized I'm not the first to identify the stuff. Oh well.]

Personally I think it's OK to change and the stuff we are doing now that we think is so up-to-the-minute will will old and dated in a year or three, I guarantee it.

I mean just think about 90's hair.

ti said...

i played... loved the challenge, you can find mine here:

Heather said...

Here's mine, it worked for an AE challenge as well: